Active Collab is a modern Smartsheet alternative

Looking for a Smartsheet alternative? Active Collab is a much simpler and modern way to collaborate with your team and track your work.

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Why Active Collab is the best Smartsheet alternative

Things you can do better in Active Collab than in Smartsheet

Active Collab lets you create to-dos and collaborate with your team, just like in Smartsheet, only better. You can:

What makes Active Collab different from Smartsheet

Active Collab doesn't try to be everything to everyone. Instead, it’s made specifically for collaboration and project management.

While Smartsheet is highly customizable but hard to use, Active Collab is user-friendly yet robust and powerful.

Active Collab gives you project structure without a complicated setup, which makes it impossible to misuse or underuse. Active Collab comes with extra neat features, such as time tracking, client role, and invoicing so you can centralize all your work using a single platform.

Active Collab is also very easy to learn and use. Beginners already know what a to-do list is or how to move cards across columns, so you won't have trouble getting your team members on board.

If you count on your team to participate in project management (like update tasks and give status reports), you’re much better off with Active Collab as an alternative to Smartsheet.

Why companies prefer Active Collab over Smartsheet as a project management solution

Smarthsheet alternative that's makes you more productive

Enhanced productivity

Active Collab combines both communication and project management.

Smarthsheet alternative where you can use every feature

Use everything

You get every feature, no matter what plan you're on.

Smarthsheet alternative with client role

Client role

You can invite clients on projects and control what they can see.

Smarthsheet alternative that everyone can use

Easy to use

Your employees can start using Active Collab without any training.

Smarthsheet alternative with time and cost tracking

Time and cost tracking

You can track time for each task and make invoices based on hourly rates.

Smarthsheet alternative with advanced reports

Advanced reports

Managers can always get a high-level overview across projects.

Smarthsheet alternative that's better for collaboration

Collaborate with others

Work together with your team, share files, and keep each other updated on progress.

Smarthsheet alternative with professional project management features

Professional project management

Active Collab has a Gantt-like Timeline, Kanban boards, and more.

We've been thrilled with Active Collab, its pricing model, and features. MS Project hase more robust resource scheduling but it's missing things. Active Collab is the perfect blend of features and price.

Stephen Hewitt
at Intrinsitech Corporation

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