ActiveCollab is not a Redbooth Alternative

It's the right way to get your Real Work done.

These are the additional features you're getting with ActiveCollab:

  • Project Budgeting

    With project budgeting, you will be able to follow how much of your budget has been spent through all phases of your projects and tasks.

  • Time Tracking & Expense Tracking

    Time is money. Employ ActiveCollab's time tracking app to measure how much time is spent on tasks. Combined with expense tracking, this allows you to pinpoint where your finances and time are being invested, and where they are being wasted.

  • Client Permissions

    Involve your clients in your projects and collaborate directly in ActiveCollab. Control what they can and cannot see and access with client permissions.

  • Control What Your Clients Can See

    Don't bother your clients with work in progress, show them when it's ready for feedback.

Make your team accountable and always on track.

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Advanced Task Management Task dependencies, recurring tasks, etc.
Multiple Task Views List view, timeline view, kanban view
Project Budgeting Track project budgets and control your costs.
Time and Expense Tracking Measure precisely how much time and money your team is spending on each task.
Invoicing Create invoices in under a minute using tracked time.
Client Management Invite your clients to your workspace and deliver exceptional client service.
Self-Hosting Host software on your own server and be in control of your data security and privacy.
"In less than three months, we were able to increase our client base from 30 to 44 (almost 50%)."
Gem Muzones
Marketing Manager @ Spyralitics

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