ActiveCollab is a superior Redbooth alternative

Looking for a Redbooth alternative with lots of features but that's actually easy to use? Look no further, ActiveCollab has everything you need.

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What makes ActiveCollab a great Redbooth alternative

ActiveCollab is a great Redbooth alternative. It has all the features as Redbooth, plus more. With ActiveCollab, you can manage projects, collaborate with your team, track time, and issue invoices.

ActiveCollab gives project manager all the professional features they need to keep projects within budget and on time. You can plan projects on a Gantt-like timeline, move tasks like cards on a Kanban board, or view all tasks in a simple list.

But the best of all, even with all those nifty features, ActiveCollab is very easy to use. Your team won't have any trouble keeping track of work and collaborating.

Why companies prefer ActiveCollab over Redbooth as a project management solution

Redbooth alternative with more features

All-in-one solution

Collaborate, manage projects, get reports, track time, and issue invoices using just one app.

Redbooth alternative with invoicing


Create estimates, track expenses, and issue invoices (or connect with Xero/QuickBooks).

Redbooth alternative that costs less

Costs less

You don't have to choose a plan with the features you need - you get EVERYTHING.

ActiveCollab is very easy to use. Plus, the customer service is remarkable: very quick to respond, friendly, knowledgeable and not just helpful, they want to make it right for the user, and will make it right for you.

Anna McCambridge-Thomas
Senior Graphic Designer

For more than 10 years, we've been trusted by over 200,000 people

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ActiveCollab will cost you a lot less than Redbooth

Redbooth Business plan costs $15 per user for each month you use it. That is much higher than what you'd pay for ActiveCollab. Our plans start from $25/month for 5 team members, plus you can use ALL the features ActiveCollab provides.

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Redbooth (Business)

Per month
All ActiveCollab plans include unlimited projects and clients
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