ActiveCollab Project Profitability

A powerful insight into the financial outcome of all your projects and clients.

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When you charge by the hour, make sure that every hour was worth it.

Project Income

A calculation of all tracked billable hours multiplied by the pre-defined hourly rates.

Project Costs

Measure precisely how much time your team is spending with ActiveCollab Stopwatch.


A measure of how healthy your projects are in terms of budget utilization and net gain.

"We managed to reduce the time on editing from more than four hours to just one hour! "
Roman Davydov
Content Writer @ Kratfblick

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Time tracking made easy

You’ll have complete control over your time, expenses, and project profitability, across all your teams and departments.

Invoice your work

Make sure to invoice all billable hours and ensure you're getting paid for your work.

Follow the money

Time tracking and time reports will provide you with the means to gauge the profitability of your projects and clients.

Set your hourly rates, log time on tasks and projects, and use these time records for accurate client invoicing and reports.

Make every hour count!

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