An Online Tool for Project Budgeting and Cost Control

Keep your project budgets under control and always stay within the total projected costs with a multi-functional project management tool that takes your work to the next level.

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ActiveCollab is a perfect instrument for controlling the total projected costs and budget utilization for your projects.

Evaluate the budget during the project

Precisely track your spending throughout the course of the project with powerful budget reports and visual aids.

Billable and non-billable costs

ActiveCollab support different types of costs can you can include in your project budget.

Scheduled vs. performed work

Track the budgeted cost of work using the pre-defined hourly rates and time records for all tasks.

"After trying ActiveCollab for a month, we instantly knew it was exactly what we wanted. It had all the features we were missing, like time tracking, profitability, and invoicing."
Seb Dean
Managing Director @ Imaginaire Digital

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Improved cost estimation for projects

Good insights and detailed budget reports will help you create accurate budget estimates and keep your project budget under control

Know your effective bill rate

ActiveCollab takes into account both non-billable and billable costs, as well as internal and external hourly rates of all your team members

Budgets and profitability

Work with your team to implement the time tracking practices and make sure your projects are actually profitable, not just on budget.

Making sure your budgets are well spent is only a half of the equation, calculating whether your projects are profitable is what's going to keep your business afloat.

Spend your budget on the most profitable projects.

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