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Use Tasks to Organize Work

Order tasks into lists, granulate them with subtasks, and organize your flow with task dependencies.

Your team is in charge of tasks assigned to them, and subscribers are instantly notified of any changes made.

Multiple task views, custom sorting, and task relationships complement your work process.

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"Since the DNX team started using ActiveCollab, our productivity and efficiency have increased immensely. Especially for our remote team, as it’s easier than ever to work together, be very agile, and keep everyone on track. "
Feli & Marcus
Co-Founders @ DNX Global

Quicker feedback, centralized communication, and file sharing make it easier to get your work moving.

With start and due dates, reminders, and priorities on every task, you will always be aware of how much time you have to complete your work.

Filtering and reporting enable you to stay up to date with all projects, tasks, discussions, and files.

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