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Self-Hosted Plan

Self-hosted ActiveCollab is the same app - only you install it on your server. If security is something you’re concerned about, the self‑hosted version gives you full control over your data.

*All free trials are cloud only. After you buy the self‑hosted version, you'll easily move your data to your server and continue where you left off.

Companies that finish projects with ActiveCollab

★★★★★ The most comprehensive tool so far

by Michel Müller, CEO & Creative Director at Sergeant

“Over the past 10 years I worked with several online project management, collaboration and accounting tools, including Basecamp, Harvest/Forecast, Freshbooks, Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Podio, Wrike, etc. Two years ago we started working with ActiveCollab, and it is the most comprehensive tool so far. Compared to all other tools out there, it does the best job.”

★★★★★ ActiveCollab came up trumps in everything

by Alice Jakins, Digital Traffic Manager at New Media Publishing

“I put together a feature matrix for all the different tools to compare things like monthly cost, accessibility, timesheeting, task assignments, template creation, calendar timings, recurring tasks, moving and reordering tasks, multiple assignees... ActiveCollab came up trumps.”

Pricing FAQ

Can I switch between different monthly plans?

Absolutely! To switch plans, just go to System Settings in your ActiveCollab, then open Account Settings and choose another plan.

Can I switch from the cloud to self-hosted and keep my data?

Yes, all you need to do is request a backup and move your data. When you purchase the self-hosted licence, do it with the same email you used to create the cloud account.

Then you can go to your licenses page and select "Request Backup" to get an email with the instructions. The “Request Backup” link will appear after you purchase the self-hosted version or your trial expires.

Are fees charged monthly or just once?

Depends. If you buy the self-hosted version, you pay for the license only once. The license includes one year of support and upgrades, which you can optionally renew. Cloud plans are subscription-based and are charged by the month or by the year.

Is the price for the self-hosted license a one time payment?

Yes, you can use self-hosted ActiveCollab for as long as you like without any additional fees. The license also includes one year of support and upgrades, which you can optionally renew.

What does renewing support and upgrades include?

It includes technical support and access to all ActiveCollab upgrades. Renewing is optional and costs $699 per year.

Do you issue refunds?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for self-hosted licenses. We don’t offer refunds for monthly and yearly cloud plans.

Can I pay via purchase order?

Yes. To use a purchase order, select it as a payment method during checkout. Note that payment approval may take up to two days.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes, we accept bank transfers for yearly cloud-based plans and self-hosted licenses. Note that bank transfers are the slowest method of payment, and can take up to two weeks to clear. If you want instant access to ActiveCollab, we recommend that you use PayPal or a credit card.

I'm from the EU, do I have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?

That depends if you’re buying as a company or as an individual. As an EU company, simply enter your VAT ID number during checkout to deduct the VAT from your order. However, if you’re buying ActiveCollab as an EU citizen, you’ll be required to pay the VAT.

Do you have any special discounts?

We offer a 50% discount on cloud plans for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. To get your discount, sign up for a free trial, then apply for the discount here.

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