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ActiveCollab is an online collaboration tool that gives you complete control over your work.

Increase accountability, improve team collaboration, and keep your team in the loop.

Your team will always be up to date with information related to their tasks and projects.

Quicker feedback, centralized communication, and file sharing make it easier to get your work moving.

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So what could be better than a perfectly structured place where we can organize and distribute our tasks efficiently - online!?
Feli and Marcus
Co-Founders @ DNX Global

Get your creativity flowing by inviting the team to share and discuss their ideas.

Cease the practice of calling too many meetings and track your team's progress directly in ActiveCollab.

Everyone will know what's going on as soon as your communication is no longer scattered across chats and emails.

ActiveCollab has everything you need to improve how your team works in one single team collaboration tool.

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