ActiveCollab is the best MS Project Alternative

Looking for a cloud based MS Project alternative? ActiveCollab is a superior alternative to Microsoft Project, both in ease of use and functionality.

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The difference between ActiveCollab and MS Project

For most projects, MS Project is overkill. In fact, it's counterproductive on projects that are constantly changing. In those cases, ActiveCollab is a better choice.

ActiveCollab is the agile alternative to MS Project. It has all the project management and scheduling features you need, and more.

Just like in MS Project, you can break down work into tasks, assign people to tasks, set start and end dates, see everything on a Gantt-like timeline, and run a workload report.

So what makes ActiveCollab different from MS Project?

ActiveCollab enables you to collaborate with your team, manage projects with more flexibility, track progress, monitor project activity, and see what's going on in real-time.

ActiveCollab is a web-app so you don't have to install anything. To see and manage your projects, all you need to do is visit a web page in your browser.

With MS Project on the other hand, you have to send bulky .mpp files or constantly export PDFs. This wastes a lot of time because whenever you update project plan, you have to manually let others know.

ActiveCollab makes working on projects simple. It allows teams to share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, and centralize communication.

ActiveCollab centralizes project management, collaboration, time tracking, and invoicing all in one place so you and your team can stay productive.

Unlike MS Project, ActiveCollab favors collaboration over project planning. Project plans change anyway and it's the collaboration that is the key to project success.

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Why ActiveCollab is the best MS Project Alternative

JIRA alternative that's simple

Gantt-like timelines

Easily plan, update, and manage tasks on a Gantt-like timeline.

JIRA alternative that is powerful

View multiple projects

See multiple projects at the same time on a Gantt-like timeline.

JIRA alternative that comes with extra features

No installation

ActiveCollab is a web app so all you need is internet and a browser.

JIRA alternative that everyone can use

Central hub

Keep all project information, discussions, and files in one place.

JIRA alternative that feels goods to use

Resource planning

See who has too much work and how that work is distributed.

JIRA alternative that that makes teams collaborate better


You can invite clients to collaborate together on projects.

JIRA alternative with Kanban

Track progress

See how projects go along so you can react on time.

Truly agile JIRA alternative

Real-time updates

Others get notifications when something they're working on changes.

Truly agile JIRA alternative

No training required

Anyone can learn how to use ActiveCollab within minutes.

Truly agile JIRA alternative

Advanced reports

Managers can always get a high-level overview across projects.

Truly agile JIRA alternative

Time and cost tracking

You can track time for each task and make invoices based on hourly rates.

Why companies prefer ActiveCollab over MS Project as a project management solution

ActiveCollab’s workload report shows me who’s busy on what and where I need to lighten or increase the workload – all at a glance. It helps me spot possible bottlenecks and reallocate resources.

Alice Jakins
Digital Traffic Manager
at New Media Publishing

We've been thrilled with ActiveCollab, its pricing model, and features. MS Project hase more robust resource scheduling but it's missing things. ActiveCollab is the perfect blend of features and price.

Blade Mages
at 502 Media Group

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