Active Collab is a better Mavenlink alternative

Looking for a Mavenlink alternative with the same useful features, but that's actually easy to use? Look no further, Active Collab is the solution for you.

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What makes Active Collab a great Mavenlink alternative

Active Collab has all the same features as Mavenlink, only it's much easier to use. Plus, using Active Collab feels more satisfying.

Your team won't have any trouble using Active Collab, but thanks to Active Collab powerful feature set, you'll still be able to see who works on what and control projects using advanced reporting system.

You can manage projects, collaborate with your team, track time, and issue invoices and estimates. You also have more control when it comes to invoices. You can create invoices from time records or add custom items for each invoice.

Why companies prefer Active Collab over Mavenlink as a project management solution

Mavenlink alternative that's user-friendly


Collaborate, manage projects, get reports, track time, and issue invoices using just one app.

Mavenlink alternative that costs less

Costs less

You don't have to choose a plan with the features you need - you get EVERYTHING.

Mavenlink alternative with Kanban board


Your team members will enjoy moving tasks like cards on a Kanban board.

With Active Collab, we become an even better company! Now we have a full overview of all our projects at all time. Our team loves it and our managers are able to have a full overview.

Mário Martins

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Active Collab will cost you a lot less than Mavenlink

Mavenlink Professional plan costs $39 per user for each month you use it. This is much higher than what you'd pay for Active Collab. Our plans start from $25/month for 5 team members, plus you can use ALL the features Active Collab provides.

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All Active Collab plans include unlimited projects and clients
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