Release notes 6.0.85


  1. 💥 when you complete tasks and subtasks. Give it a try! 🙃
  2. Neon theme gets a new batch of tweaks and improvements
  3. When file upload fails 😞 you can retry the upload with one click
  4. Changes to task lists are shown instantly to everyone viewing the project
  5. Code of Tasks tab in projects is leaner, and that helps with display and scrolling performance
  6. Improved handling of new labels when saving progress during task creation
  7. Improved subscription clean-up when members are removed from a project

Bug fixes:

  1. Some starred projects are not listed when user has a lot of active projects that they are involved with
  2. Message that project is empty is shown to clients even when there are open tasks in it
  3. New line is inserted when form is submitted using a keyboard shortcut from text editor (Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter)
  4. Long links in text break page layout
  5. Projects are not automatically loaded when a user reaches the bottom of Projects page in Firefox