Release notes 6.0.319


  1. Company wide days-off (like holidays, company retreats etc) can be set. ActiveCollab uses this information to help with scheduling.


  1. Failed uploads can be retried when adding and updating notes and discussions,
  2. Improved reliability of file uploads,
  3. Editor toolbar is pinned to top when scrolling a long text input.

Bug fixes:

  1. Task list picker selects incorrect lists when updating recurring tasks and tasks in project templates,
  2. Task description can't be updated in project templates using Safari,
  3. Issues with Wrike and Basecamp importers caused by API changes,
  4. Quotes are not styled correctly,
  5. Long label pushes options drop-down button onto new line in some cases,
  6. Color calculation makes labels low contrast on white background,
  7. Workload settings fail to save with an error message.

Release channel: Cloud.