Release notes 6.0.215

New Features:

  1. Task dependencies and time estimates are available in project templates,
  2. Project timeline can be exported in PNG and PDF
    Warning for self-hosted users - this feature is disabled by default because it uses an external, ActiveCollab Inc managed service to prepare the export. Open System Settings > Edit Project Settings to read the details and enable it if you agree to use it,
  3. Conflicting schedule (child tasks starting before parent tasks are due) is outlined on project timeline,
  4. Changes to task lists and task properties are automatically visible to everyone who is viewing them (Cloud only).


  1. More people can move and copy items between projects,
  2. Changes to task lists show in Activity,
  3. Visual editor upgraded with new bug fixes and stability improvements,
  4. Users with Client+ role can create task lists,
  5. Completed projects show when they were completed, who completed them, and offer quick Reopen feature.
50+ bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release channel: Cloud, Self-Hosted