Release notes 5.9.5


Bug Fixes

  • When adding a task from My Work, task lists don't match the project's task lists
  • When choosing a filter on a project's Task page and completing all the tasks, the filter disappears along with everything else
  • User lists disappears when adding a reminder
  • Subtask's popover remains open when ESC is pressed
  • Paid invoices sorted incorrectly
  • Reopening a task from a completed task list inhibits reopening of the task list
  • Editing a completed task lists isn't possible
  • Links and symbols in a template task's subtask name are incorrect
  • Subtasks in templates can't be deleted
  • Zero can't be entered in the Expenses tab using a Hungarian keyboard
  • A converted subtask from a task doesn't end up in the original task list
  • A project cannot be created due to the job type validation error
  • Text in a comment overflows outside the box if there's no space or break between characters
  • One project view has the Star/Unstar menu option and the other doesn't
  • History of Changes doesn't track start date changes
  • Client+ can't be selected as an assignee in the Workload report