Release notes 5.9.22



  • Tasks in task templates can have start date specified

Bug Fixes

  • Inline image does not get uploaded when content is updated and existing inline image is replaced with another one
  • Sum of time records in minutes is not correctly displayed due to rounding error
  • QuickBooks cost value is automatically rounded
  • Task list start and due date can't be removed in project template
  • @mentious sometimes scroll to the top of the page
  • When user is added to projects using Add to Projects option, new projects are not checked when Add to Projects is opened again due to caching issue
  • Text "Test" is displayed in the web app version of the invoice and estimate (PDF version does not have that problem)
  • Time record update in Timesheet view is not displayed correctly due to a caching issue
  • Payments report does not show correct project name when invoice is based on multiple projects