Release notes 5.9.19



  • When creating an invoice, project list is filtered by the selected client
  • Task report CSV export contains client company information
  • Added iOS/Android/Windows phone app images
  • Better help text when adding a new time record
  • A new estimate's contact information doesn't revert automatically to the original company information provided when edited

Bug Fixes

  • The button for creating new invoice doesn't work on self-hosted
  • Basecamp importer sometimes doesn't work
  • Moving a time record/expense on accounts that have more than 100 projects makes the project list empty
  • Custom calendar can't be shared with a team
  • Searching an invoice by a part of the name can't find it
  • A time record and expense can't be edited
  • Daily total on the Time page shows only project's time records (but not tasks')
  • A project can't be updated
  • My Time page also show's other users' time records
  • Download PDF doesn't work on a public invoice
  • People section shows only the recent invoices for a particular client
  • When a new time record is added, the list is still empty as if there are time records for that day
  • An assignee automatically becomes a subscriber but it can't be seen without refreshing the page
  • Entering an email in a task description mentions a random member
  • SVG files can't be downloaded
  • Not all recipients of a recurring invoice can be edited
  • File list isn't automatically updated after a file is trashed
  • People and projects aren't alphabetically sorted across different forms and lists
  • When a first task is created in a project, batch mode is disabled unless the page is refreshed
  • My Tasks filter in the Calendar isn't remembered when the page is refreshed
  • Invoice doesn't render Russian letter correctly
  • Invoices on company page aren't sorted the same way as in the Invoicing section
  • Monthly payment report doesn't show the name of projects
  • Setting/editing start date isn't possible in batch edit mode
  • Files are opened when selecting "Download" in the Files section
  • If a new user doesn't select a language when creating a profile, they get a blank page on log-in
  • Projects Timeline becomes empty when projects are selected too quickly
  • When a completed project is trashed and then restored, it'll show up in active projects list even though it's completed
  • Slash ("/") isn't recognized as a valid symbol in a password
  • When a note that belongs in a collection is edited, new version isn't displayed in versions field before refresh
  • When a custom address is edited in an invoice/estimate, it reverts back to the company information (thus losing the custom address)