Release notes 5.9.0



  • Projects timeline report
  • Team timeline report
  • Italian translation
  • Hubstuff integration


  • More helpful feedback form
  • Email notifications have the project's name in the subject line
  • Add link for Linux Timer in the Add-Ons
  • URLs in subtasks are automatically converted to links

Bug Fixes

  • Assignee gets changed when a time record is marked as paid via API
  • Error when inviting a user to a project without choosing them
  • Missing translations for minor details
  • Invoices and estimates can't be sent if a logo is uploaded in a wrong image format
  • Unresponsive technical information section in self-hosted
  • Quick edit pop-over visual glitch
  • French translations overflow on some interface elements
  • ActiveCollab tasks in Slack have a wrong time zone
  • A recurring invoice throws an error when an invoice ID isn’t recognized by the invoice ID generator
  • Completed tasks without any date appear under Unscheduled Tasks in a project's timeline view
  • After inviting a new user, input field loses focus and breaks the user invite flow
  • When @ is entered but no one is mentioned, the whole comments becomes @
  • When creating a new invoice, QuickBooks integration leaves client's email, terms, and invoice number fields empty
  • A Calendar event shows 24-hour time format even though 12-hour format is selected under Global Settings
  • QuickBooks throws a tax code error for non-US companies
  • When editing a time record's job type from My Work, the entry is duplicated
  • Elements at the top of an invoice's PDF are out of alignment
  • Project links from the People section don't work
  • When changing a user's company, list of companies isn't alphabetically sorted
  • When an invoice is paid online using the Stripe add-on, customer name isn't visible
  • When an image is attached to a comment that has @mention, the image's description in the Files section is badly formatted
  • Test mailer doesn't work when sending from some server adresses
  • Completed subtasks of an open task appear under Workload report
  • Invoice Designer doesn't work under PHP7
  • A Calendar event with "repeat until" keeps showing in the Daily report even after the date passes
  • Activity takes too long to load
  • Invite form in the People section lists only 100 projects
  • When an invoice is deleted in QuickBooks, its time records and expenses remain with "pending payment" status