Release notes 5.8.0



  • Recurring tasks


  • Companies are sorted alphabetically when creating an invoice

Bug Fixes

  • PayPal Express settings can't be saved
  • Box for selecting a company in the Task Report is out of alignment
  • Unhelpful message when trying to add a time record without a date
  • A time record can't be moved between projects from the My Work page
  • Budget has too many decimal points in Project Info dropdown
  • Changing a task's Task List through quick edit (...) leaves a copy of it until refresh
  • Time and Expenses section can't be used when a time record is edited and saved without an assignee
  • Time estimates disappear once a task or a project is completed
  • Hourly rate input field for a job type accepts alphabetic characters
  • When creating a new task and having a pop-up form on top of it, hitting the ESC closes the task without saving existing data
  • When loading more completed tasks, browser jumps to the top of the page
  • In Column View and Timeline View, a client can see "Edit Task List" option
  • Feedback's input box can be stretched outside the form
  • Unclear copy when reassigning a time record from a task to the whole project