Release notes 5.7.40



  • Mail to project improvements: all clients can see project address; when a Client+ sends an email, a task is created; when a regular client send an email, a discussion is created; in both cases, the project's leader is subscribed automatically.
  • Task can be created through forwarding email address (which forwards the email to the project's email address) (Cloud)

Bug Fixes

  • A sent estimate has for reply-to instead of the sender's email (Cloud)
  • Estimate email notification invites people to reply to it, even though these replies can’t be recorded as comments
  • Estimate email notifications don't properly list all the recipients
  • Estimates that have projects based on them can’t be deleted
  • Invoices can’t be viewed in some cases due to failed JSON serialization
  • An estimate marked as won still has the option to be marked as won
  • When moving/copying a discussion to another project, it's associated files don't appear in the Files section
  • Error when accepting an invitation to ActiveCollab without setting the language
  • When a new user is invited, a notification is pushed to all Slack channels regardless of the project the user is associated with
  • Bad formatting of comments in