Release notes 5.7.30



  • Quick Jump shortcut when Cmd+K is pressed


  • A zero value invoice can now be marked as paid
  • "Mark All as Read" button shows the loading bar
  • Exact time and date of comments when hovering over the relative date for a few seconds
  • PayPal Direct Payments, Braintree, Stripe and integrations now use the updated API

Bug Fixes

  • Changing role from Owner to member unassigns the user from tasks
  • Trello import sometimes fails
  • Missing button for adding a time record on the My Work page
  • A file attached to a project template can't be downloaded from the template and doesn't show up in the Files section when a project is created
  • Improved the way links are shown in notes versions
  • When choosing a QuickBooks company during invoice creation, a client can be added
  • Text editor converts a numbered item to a bulleted when Tab is pressed
  • When a user who's not logged-in clicks a link to a task, they're not redirected to the task after logging
  • Confusing message title when archiving a user
  • Hiding a task from client during task creation fails to create the task
  • The My Work page takes too long to load on some accounts
  • Old company name is shown when making an invoice instead of the updated one
  • A logged-in client can't open a Link to pay the invoice because they're redirected to the project
  • Exported CSV of a task report misses some tasks
  • A note can't be edited from the Activity tab
  • When activating the Slack add-on, user gets empty checkboxes when unchecking All Project
  • Opening two dialogues and closing one enables scrolling
  • Voiding an invoice in QuickBooks marks the invoice in ActiveCollab as paid with zero value
  • Task list "blinks" when a task's quick menu button is in another row
  • Unclear error message when an action fails validation
  • Unclear error message when connecting QuickBooks and entering wrong keys