Release notes 5.7.0



  • Slack integration
  • Client+ user role
  • Improvements
  • What's New section
  • Custom date range in Time, Expenses, and Payments reports

Bug Fixes

  • When an estimate is sent, the text isn't formatted
  • Member+ with access to finance can't create invoices if QuickBooks add-on is enabled
  • "Estimated Time" and "Tracked Time" columns couldn't be unchecked when running a task report
  • Better German translation of the Activity stream
  • CSV export doesn't work if a new line is used in Time Record's description
  • An invoice rounds discount's percent to a whole number when saved
  • When a task list is deleted in a project template, its tasks reappear in a new project made from that template
  • Using filters on the Projects page makes all projects disappear
  • Translation of French invoices is incomplete
  • When a client chooses My Work as the default home screen, they get an empty page