Release notes 5.6.9


Bug Fixes

  • For currencies that don't have decimal points, quantity is rounded in an invoice
  • An invoice doesn't use rounded values of subtotal and VAT when adding them together for the total amount
  • Filter by Client on the Projects page doesn't work right
  • Size of a logo in an exported estimates PDF is always the same
  • Client name is indented in an exported invoice and estimate
  • Unvinvoiced entries get filtered when choosing a date, even when "All invoiced entries" checkbox is selected
  • "Show more projects" remain even if there are no more projects in the Calendar
  • The Projects tab repeats every time you change something in mobile Safari browser
  • Owner can't delete a custom calendar
  • File system cache saves incorrect decimal values when ActiveCollab is localized to German
  • When editing an invoice, "custom due date" is changed to "issued on date" without user knowing it
  • Confusing message when a user goes from sending an invoice to Online Payment Configuration
  • Better message for list of client companies from QuickBooks
  • Unclear message in Sending and Receiving Email configuration section for self-hosted
  • Bad formatting in French invoice PDF