Release notes 5.6.6



  • Better sorting and filtering on the Projects page
  • Clearer instructions for entering Consumer Keys for Trello importer in self-hosted
  • Invitation email now displays the person who sends the invite, the name of their company, and the reason for the invite (to work on projects)
  • Time zone is automatically detected and adjusted for new users
  • QuickBooks connection doesn't need to be manually refreshed for 6 months
  • User is redirected to the newly created invoice in QuickBooks after logging in
  • Whenever a user switches language for issuing invoices, it's saved as the default language for future invoices
  • Estimate PDFs are created the same way as invoice PDFs

Bug Fixes

  • When switching from Timeline task view, task order remains the same as in the Timeline view
  • No of Payments link in the Payments Report shows the wrong details
  • Can't create a custom calendar
  • When adding a time record, the default date is one day in advance
  • While editing an expense, a wrong date is being shown
  • Emails with address aren't displayed on the People page
  • An invoice can't be created because another invoice uses the same ID
  • Incorrect number of completed tasks
  • When creating a project from a template, order of task lists is not the same as in the template
  • Invoice items from template lose their formatting when used
  • Subtasks in templates can't be edited or deleted
  • "Due Date" filter on the Tasks tab is one day off
  • Task with today's due date is shown as overdue
  • When entering only a task name, "Write a description" remains in the description
  • Webhook POST request isn't JSON-formatted
  • ActiveCollab doesn't refresh the list of companies from QuickBooks often enough
  • Notes are not organized into Note Collections in mobile apps
  • Calendar can't be shared
  • Under-1-hour time estimates aren't showed in reports
  • Inviting a team to a project requires entering each person's email
  • When creating an invoice, filters for showing just time or expenses don't work
  • Marking a discussion as "Hidden from client" doesn't unsubscribe the client from receiving notifications
  • Online payment link is displayed even when Online Payments is disabled
  • Member+ can't add or edit job types when creating a new project