Release notes 5.6.16



  • ActiveCollab Cloud loads faster because assets are loaded from servers closest to the user (CDN). Note: self-hosted ActiveCollab works with local files!
  • Added explainer text for Global Settings
  • Time Tracking report shows both billable and non-billable time
  • A project's Total Time includes both billable and non-billable time

Bug Fixes

  • If a task label has underscores (_) in its name, Tasks report doesn't display results filtered by that label
  • When overspent, budget displays too many decimal points in a project's Time tab (and Budget vs Expenses report too)
  • Trello importer doesn't send the imported users the invitation after it's finished
  • Task report's CSV has an empty Task List column
  • When migrating from ActiveCollab 4 to 5, quotes become estimates but their names are wrong
  • "Estimate" isn't translated to German in an estimate's PDF
  • Mentions are slow, don't work in task description, or sometimes don't work at all
  • When creating a task, description is set to "Ecrivez" for French accounts and "Escribir" for Spanish
  • When logging in, Project filter looks as if selected
  • QuickBooks add-on doesn't show all the client companies
  • Invoice previews in other languages don't display well
  • Feedback button doesn't display properly in French