Release notes 5.6.0



  • QuickBooks invoicing integration
  • Languages
  • Trello migration


  • Redesigned the new project and invite people forms
  • A notification is marked as read if a user replies to it via email
  • Download all attachments from a task's description or a comment
  • Files get uploaded instantly in the Files section (no need to click "Add Files")
  • TestLodge add-on
  • A task's start date now appears as a filter, in Reports, and in the morning mail.
  • Smarter Technical Information statuses (self-hosted)
  • Choose the language in which to issue invoices

Bug Fixes

  • A reminder can be set without a recipient (and can't be edited)
  • Interface proofreading
  • Time report loads too long
  • Saving time and expenses in System Settings takes too long
  • Scrollbar jumps around on non-Mac computers
  • Member+ can't see a company that doesn't have at least one user
  • Task list filter doesn't work
  • Wrong reminder message for an overdue invoice is sent
  • When calculating tax, a rounded number (two decimal points) of every item is used
  • During migration, archived users from v4 become active in v5
  • A created invoice displays decimals regardless of the used currency
  • A broken help link on the Time tab
  • Avatar initials aren't always centered
  • Uploading a large PDF blocks further file uploading
  • Clicking a note in a collection doesn't select it
  • Error when entering a new row between bullets and numbering
  • In task ID, a # should go before the number
  • High CPU usage when uploading a file from Files section
  • Time Tracking in System Settings doesn't save the switchers' settings
  • New password doesn't accept some symbols (~, @, #, *) on self-hosted
  • Files disappear from a project template after a few weeks
  • IMAP connection doesn't work on 'localhost' (SSL verification issue)
  • Add-ons that are in use sometimes show like they are not in use
  • New email of a user that's not in the system can be entered when creating a new custom * calendar
  • After migrating from AC4, PDF invoices are in a wrong language
  • Recurring invoices can't be accessed
  • A project created from a template results in email flood
  • Duplicated invoice's "Issued On" date is the same as the original's
  • Pressing TAB when on an input field populates it instead of going to the next one