Release notes 5.5.10



  • Mail to project and mail to comment supported on cloud accounts too


  • Online payments helper text clarifies the need for a PayPal Pro account in order to use Paypal Direct Payments
  • Added currency support for Mongolian Tugrik

Bug Fixes

  • Editing an invoice causes an error
  • "Enable custom hourly rates" field appears unchecked when editing company info
  • System doesn't show that a recurring invoice is enabled because of the browser's cache
  • Project export fails because of an internal error
  • Sorting projects by activity doesn't work
  • AC4 to AC5 migration breaks when importing project template users
  • A client can see project's email address and add tasks through email
  • Enabling "Hidden from client" on a task doesn't unsubscribe already subscribed client
  • Updated Elastica (ElasticSearch's PHP client) so it works reliably on PHP7
  • Empty slate doesn't show up on the Invoices page
  • When opening a task as a modal, the subscriber list is empty
  • When a user has been subscribed to a note, My Work doesn't show note's project name
  • Moving task dates and events in Calendar results in errors
  • Self-hosted update section doesn't show update details
  • Basecamp importer breaks when trying to import attachments and when a task's name is very long
  • When importing Basecamp projects, system used to send mass invite to all imported users
  • When drag-and-dropping a task list in Column view, all other task lists get reordered
  • Problem using some SMTP parameters with a self-signed SSL certificate
  • Manually reordered tasks don't stay at their place