Release notes 5.5.0



  • Mail to project
  • Column view
  • Timeline view
  • Easy update of self-hosted from the interface
  • Webhooks
  • Basecamp importer


  • Easy upgrade of the self-hosted ActiveCollab through its interface
  • "No Assignee" option in user picker instead of "Choose an assignee"
  • Autocomplete when selecting a project in Move to Project action
  • Invoice name editing

Bug Fixes

  • Reopening a completed task list doesn't reopen its tasks
  • Time records get a 1970 date
  • Time entry typo on the Activity page
  • Having both a trash icon and "Move to trash" action in Discussions and Notes is redundant
  • Two-digit numbers in an invoice are broken into two rows
  • Error when trying to convert time record's status between billable and unbillable, or editing its description
  • Saved preset in Tasks Reports doesn't work when edited
  • Activity request takes too long to load
  • The Activity of all projects gets set to "Just Now" when a job type is deleted
  • When a completed project that was migrated from ActiveCollab v4 gets open, all its tasks are opened too
  • Invoice marked as paid gets a wrong payment date
  • Description text goes below the project card if a company name is too long
  • Files page breaks when two or more groups of file with the same name or date get loaded
  • Newly created recurring invoice doesn't issue an invoice if it starts today or in the past
  • While editing a task form, double clicking duplicates it
  • Aruban florin is added as a supported currency
  • A task doesn't show the correct sum of time logs
  • A help arrow remains until a task is added, even if there are task lists
  • Improved display of short date format