Release notes 5.14.14



  • All new search backend 🎉 Self-hosted customers will need to upgrade to ElasticSearch 6, and reconnect. We did that already for all Cloud customers
  • Sort search results by relevance or by date
  • Filter search results by what you are looking for, and who contributed


  • Steps that guide administrators through ElasticSearch configuration have been redesigned to make the processes easier
  • Prefix search is used for single word search queries, so searching for "mar" will hit "March", "marking", "Marco" etc

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar events are shifted for a day when updated if system runs in some time zones
  • Importers report that import has failed while data is still being imported
  • Project can't be found by the new name using search when renamed
  • Filtering search results by date does not work reliably
  • Tasks remain in source list when they are moved to a different list using Batch Edit, until page is refreshed
  • Timesheet navigation under Time tab does not work correctly with some data sets
  • When calendar events from future months are dragged, they are rescheduled to the current month

Release channel: Self-Hosted, Cloud