Release notes 5.13.22



  • Added usability copy next to input field for relative dates in project templates
  • Input field for relative dates in project templates can contain 3 numbers max

Bug Fixes

  • Sections of text get linked to an URL after editing the task description
  • Total amount listed incorrectly in the Invoices report
  • Numeric report results sorted by first digit only
  • Borders in Tasks tab CSS fix
  • Clicking "Show active projects only" in the Uninvoiced report duplicates the sum total
  • Toggling the text editor in comments makes newly added text disappear
  • Pressing Esc sometimes doesn't close the task/discussion/note popup
  • PDFs of invoices are downloaded without the file extension in their name in Firefox
  • When you change System Language, a new users profile language remains English
  • Payments Report doesn't include Invoice Number and Company Name values for invoices that were made in free-form (ie. invoices which are not based on projects)
  • Estimates and invoices can't be downloaded in Chrome if the name contains commas