Release notes 5.11.11



  • Swedish and Russian language support


  • Polish translation adjustments
  • Better Xero disconnection flow
  • Minor interface text tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Tasks can't be dragged and dropped on the calendar in Google Chrome
  • iCalendar feed showing incorrect time
  • Due date issues in Recurring Tasks, Calendar, Tasks and Time reports
  • Active user is shown as "not logged in yet"
  • Recurring task date issues
  • Recurring invoice date issues
  • Monthly payment report doesn't add payments made on the first of the month to the sum total
  • Daly report emails are one day late in some time zones
  • Invoices "issued on" date is one day off for some time zones
  • Memo number issue in QuickBooks
  • Inaccessible advanced time report link
  • Invoice filter visible when the Xero/QuicBooks integration is active
  • Team Timeline report throws ReactJS Warning
  • Xero token doesn't match the expected REQUEST token Code
  • Inconsistencies in CSV exports
  • Task name layout changes in Timeline view