Release notes 5.0.97



  • Project name on the My Work page wraps to two or more lines for better readability
  • 'Mark All as Read' button for updates on My Work page
  • Each project has a default 'Inbox' task list where all tasks without a task list go to
  • Better description and a red button when deleting a task list or a project
  • 'Add to Projects' dialogue for adding people to projects is now improved
  • Implemented support for PHP7
  • Interface copy tweaks: permission edit dialogue, and instructions for setting up Cron and ElasticSearch in self-hosted

Bug Fixes

  • 'Export to CSV' and 'Invoice Now' buttons on 'Uninvoiced Time and Expenses' report don't work
  • Cmd + click on a task list name opens two tabs
  • Clients can hide a discussion from themselves
  • Free-form invoice shows Projects field
  • During task editing, the window gets closed and edits aren't saved
  • Restored projects don't show uncompleted tasks in Inbox list, until user refreshes the page
  • A user can't be removed from a company; now he can me moved to No Company
  • On task list edit form, when changing a date you have to choose the date twice
  • When editing date of a time record on My Time page, it remains there
  • On My Time, if a user is in a time zone where a date is other than GMT, time log doesn't get added to the clicked date but are off by one day
  • When a power user (without finance), and who is the project's leader, clicks on 'View Details' in Project Info, they get 'Page Not * Found'
  • When making any change on My Work, a user is scrolled to My Tasks header
  • Various Notes section fixes and stability improvements
  • Auto-upgrade in self-hosted uses ':' in the name of MySQL backup, which is not supported by Windows systems
  • Task Report, when filtering by 'Completed at Any Time', shows uncompleted tasks that have completed subtasks
  • Error when saving a new preset under an existing name in Tasks report
  • Check for updates command in self-hosted sometimes doesn't work because the server doesn't recognize RapidSSL
  • My Work logs sending an invoice by email as an empty row
  • A subtask converted to a task remains a subtask in the original task
  • When an invoice is marked as partially paid, the user receives an email with subject "Invoice Paid in full"
  • In batch task edit mode, tasks can't be moved back to the default task list
  • Tooltip on a completed project overlaps project progress at 1280px
  • When dragging a task to another position, after a while it jumps back to the previous position
  • Morning mail is sent even when there's nothing to send in terms of project activity
  • When a client views Activity tab within the project, they can see logged time for each task
  • Navigation keys and delete don't work in Firefox in Time Record's description field
  • Irrelevant auto-complete suggestions for projects, task lists, tasks, subtasks, notes, and discussions
  • Two 'Inbox' task lists get created when the default one is deleted and a task gets created outside of any task list
  • User can restore a child element (eg. a task or a discussion) when the parent is trashed (eg. a project)