Release notes 5.0.88



  • Self-hosted version of ActiveCollab can automatically upgrade itself to future releases using a command line


  • Time tracking form is hidden on My Work page if there are no projects with enabled Time Tracking
  • New shortcuts for navigation: hold G and press 1-9 to jump straight to the specific page (eg. G+1 for Projects, G+2 for My Work etc.)
  • Changed defaults to ElasticSearch index creation. Now it creates two shards and one replica (number of replicas can be increased programmatically in the future)
  • /languages API endpoint doesn't require user to be authenticated,

Bug Fixes

  • User’s name overlaps with the navigation menu when the window’s height is less than 400px
  • Task modal gets closed if a mouse cursor leaves the modal during text selection
  • Batch edit button appears when there are no tasks in a project
  • During the migration, long project descriptions (more than 191 characters) get lost; now they are saved in a note
  • When moving a task list to another project, its name is “task list”
  • Setting Hight Priority in Batch edit doesn’t work
  • On Android, scrolling to the bottom of the navigation menu is not possible
  • “Add a Task” form gets broken when there’s a Batch edit button
  • On a company page, quick menus (…) for invoices are out of place
  • Project’s name doesn’t get updated on My Time page until a new log is added
  • Pressing CTRL+C while a text is selected in a note takes you to discussion instead of copying the text
  • Sent invoice doesn’t render properly when opened from the email
  • Invoice overdue reminder is sent at the set frequency after first one is sent
  • Skip full table scan when sorting users from users table