Release notes 5.0.75



  • Clarified error message text for the self-hosted version installer.
  • Job types and expense categories can be archived.
  • Overdue reminders can be enabled/disabled per invoice.
  • The invitation link for new users can be copied to clipboard.
  • Changed background color of modal when editing discussion details.
  • Inviting users to a project is quicker (requires less clicks).
  • Estimates can be converted to invoices.
  • Task list prefetching (tasks load faster).

Bug Fixes

  • Members with extra permissions who create a project can remove themselves from that project, resulting in an error.
  • Dragging and dropping tasks doesn't work.
  • Font size when editing tasks and font colors when selecting labels.
  • Estimated vs Tracked Time report not showing entries for some projects after AC4>AC5 migration.
  • The number of tasks is not shown for a task list if the list is edited.
  • Issues with deleting job types and expense categories.
  • Incorrect width when tasks/discussions are opened on a new page.
  • Project name missing in activity stream.
  • Inviting the only remaining Owner user again as a Member results in an error.
  • Choosing a recipient for recurring invoices isn't possible.
  • Member users get error when trying to manage project people after removing themselves as the project leader.
  • Adding an attachment to an existing task/discussion/note creates a duplicate after clicking Save Changes.
  • Tasks for time records can't be changed.
  • Adding time records on the My Time page results in an error (Member users only).
  • Recent activity is tracked as "13min ago".
  • Logos appear transparent on the invoice PDF.
  • Can't edit task via dropdown if other details are updated before that.
  • TinyMCE tooltip popover shows up in the wrong place.
  • When a new user is invited, "the" is repeated twice on the Activity stream.
  • Stability and security improvements (special thanks goes to Sumit Sahoo).