Who Can Track Time on Their Tasks?

An efficient way to track the time you and your team members spend working on tasks. The Stopwatch is available to all users on your account who have permission to track time on tasks:

  • Owner,
  • Member+,
  • Member.

Assignees and subscribers can activate their Stopwatch on the same task and it will track time for them separately.

The Stopwatch menu

The total amount of the time tracked on a task will be displayed in the Time tracking field.

Whenever the Stopwatch is running, it's visible in the top right corner, right next to the Search button. By clicking the icon, you'll be able to view all the time records that have been recently active but have not been exported.

This is where you can:

  1. Export time records - by clicking on the export button, submit your tracked time and edit the time entry if needed,
  2. Switch from one Stopwatch to another - you can stop tracking time on one task and start tracking it on another simply by activating the Stopwatch on the other task. Once you activate a Stopwatch, the previously activated one will automatically pause.

You can't track time on multiple tasks at the same time.