Why Free Account Might Be Deleted

Under certain circumstances, the Free account user may have their account deleted. If the user does not use Free ActiveCollab account for three months, this account will be deleted, so that it can make space for other Free accounts. All inactive Free accounts will be permanently deleted after three months of inactivity.

Emails Are Sent To The Owner

Three emails will be sent over the period of 90 days, to inform the Owner of all the changes that might occur to the account, if the account does not become active in the meantime. Three months is enough time to make the account active again and prevent deletion.

Each email explains in enough detail what will happen if the account continues to remain inactive. On the day of the deletion of the inactive Free account, the Owner will receive the final email with the account’s data exported. The account that once was deleted, cannot be retrieved any longer, but the same user can create a new account anytime.