Tracking Time and Expenses

Tracking time and expenses tells you how much time and money you’ve spent on a task or a project. For this you can use Stopwatch.

Billable/Non-billable Status of Time and Expenses

To learn more about whether your project should be billable or non-billable and how to manage those settings visit this help page Billable/Non-billable Status of Time and Expenses.

Enabling Time and Expenses

  • You can enable Time and Expenses while creating a new Project,
  • Click Start a new Project,
  • Click Show more options,
  • Tick Time and Expenses checkboxes to enable this.

Edit Time and Expense Settings

You can also enable this by default for all projects:

  • Open System Settings,
  • Click Edit Time and Expense Settings,
  • Set Track Time and Expenses to ON,
  • Set Time Estimates to ON to be able to set completion estimates on tasks,
  • Add Hourly Rates and Expense Categories,
  • Click Save Changes,
  • After saving the defaults, you’ll still be able to set different hourly rates by editing a specific project or client company:

Logging Time

You can log time by opening the Time tab in a project:

  • Click +New Time Record,
  • Enter the time (eg. 1:40),
  • Enter a description (optional),
  • Choose a Job Type (Research),
  • Set a Date,
  • Select Billable if you plan to include this entry in an invoice,
  • Click Add Time Record,
  • Or you can add an expense by opening the Expenses tab,
  • Click on +New Expense,
  • Enter the amount (eg. 100),
  • Enter a description (optional),
  • Choose a Category,
  • Set a Date,
  • Select Billable if you plan to include this entry in an invoice,
  • Click Add Expense.

To add time or expenses to a specific task, simply open it and click +Add Time or +Add Expense.


You can also add time on the My Work page by going to Timesheet

Opening the Time or the Expenses tab of a project will list all the entries logged on that project as well as on individual tasks. You can also keep track of your logged time by opening My Work > Timesheet.

If you need to get this information from multiple projects, just run one of these reports (learn more):

  • Time Tracking shows how much time has been tracked across projects,
  • Expense Tracking lists fixed expenses across projects,
  • Estimated vs.Tracked Time helps you see how accurate your time estimates are,
  • Workload helps you distribute tasks evenly among your team.