It’s all about equal workload distribution. That’s why you can set the daily capacity for each team member. They might be working full-time, part-time or picking up extra hours. Now you can see the availability of every team member on a daily basis.

The color code

  • When cells are grey, they signal that no tasks have been assigned to the team member, but also show their daily capacity,
  • The moment you assign them a task, color and numbers change, and you can see how much time they have available,
  • Green is the key here! When someone’s time is fully booked, a checkmark appears. If someone has too much on their plate on a particular day, cells get red. It’s a call for action because this number signals the amount of overbooked time.

Task rescheduling

  • You can reschedule the tasks for another day, prolong them, or reassign them to someone who is available. This way you can optimize the workload among your team members. When doing so, your team member’s assignments on projects you don’t have access to are shown and taken into account,
  • They’re colored differently so you can’t see the details, but you know how these tasks affect their daily availability.

The point is - stop at red, optimize and aim for checkmarks.