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Increase accountability and keep your team in the loop

Share and discuss your ideas with your team members and invite them to collaborate.

Your team is always up to date with information related to their tasks and projects. Communication is no longer scattered across chats and emails.

Engage in discussions, share files, give and receive feedback, and stay in the loop with everything that happened since your last visit.

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"It’s vital to us that we use a task management system that helps us standardize, organize, track, and measure, without putting restrictions on the artistic flair that makes us who we are. "
Gem Muzones
Content Marketing Manager @ Spiralytics

Cease the practice of calling too many meetings and track your team's progress directly in ActiveCollab.

Discuss and create tasks directly from your inbox and regain control over how many emails you need to send.

Order tasks into lists, granulate them with subtasks, and organize your flow with task dependencies.

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