How to Earn Trust of Your New Clients

How to Earn Trust of Your New Clients

New project, new client, same target - transparency, accountability and trust.

A client - let’s call him John - asked me to create a valuable piece of content that will engage the niche audience he was targeting. Since my team and I had spent several months working with the client on building the company’s tone of voice and the branding message, delivering and editing the content itself was a breeze. We were on the same page from the start and it helped me exceed my client’s expectations.

Unfortunately, not every project runs so smoothly. In today’s business world, earning your customer’s trust is as valuable as the product you deliver. Once the clients invest themselves in the project, they expect you to do your best. On the one hand, you are focusing your efforts on completing your project successfully and making your client happy. On the other hand, the client wants to make sure their money and time are well spent.

Every professional business owner knows that there is one quality more valuable than even the project itself, and that is trustworthiness.

So, how do you make your client trust you?

Naturally, successful project completion is the best way to win your client’s trust. However, when a new client hires you to build a software or design their website, that trust is still not there. They are well aware of the risk that you may not be able to deliver the level of quality they are looking for. While some clients don’t like to be intrusive and let you handle the project on your own, Some clients want to be involved in the project from the beginning. That way, they’re trying to have a clear overview of all your activities and how their money’s being spent.

It all boils down to this: Once you knock down all the barriers and build trust with your client, you will create a firm foundation for winning more businesses in future.

One of the ways to keep everyone on the same page is to create regular, daily, weekly or monthly reports (depending on the project’s dynamics and the amount of work that needs to be done within a certain period of time). This document should include an overview of all planned and completed activities for that period. Also, it should outline all the challenges you have had to face, the number of activities and the hours invested to complete all the tasks of the projects. Finally, you may want to provide your feedback and your team’s suggestions regarding the overall project.

This kind of document will give your client a much better insight into the actualization of the project. You will be able to maintain a good communication flow, keep all the activities transparent and avoid any misunderstandings.

When it comes to presenting the report, it’s always best to go for face-to-face communication. Whether you organise a meeting or have an online conference call depends entirely on your and your client’s preferences. More and more people are moving from the traditional email communication, making a transition to quick and easy online collaboration apps. Rather than spending time chasing emails and hounding clients for approvals, you can discuss everything using a single app.

However, before you start comprising the report, there is one invaluable factor you should keep in mind - time. Although it may seem that this report should help you streamline your processes, documenting everything relevant to the project (necessary resources, the timeframe, the list of the individual completed tasks and time cards of every individual team member) will eat much of your time.

ActiveCollab helps you create reports in few easy steps

To view any information regarding projects, go to Reports section. Only the owner and the member users with extra permission can access the section.

If you are looking for the detailed analysis of every single completed and active task, go to Assignments Report

It helps you keep track of projects that meet different criteria and filter your tasks by the information you need. Also, it allows you to distribute your tasks evenly among team members, and see multiple projects on a single page. and have a precise overview of who does what on the project. In this way, your client will know exactly who is doing what at the moment, what tasks have reached their final stage and what tasks are still active.

Finally, you can easily track your time across projects and keep an eye on your billing process in the Time and Expenses Section

You can see time records for the birth completed and open projects and view tracked expenses in all your projects. The best part is that you can see how accurate your time estimates on tasks are by choosing Estimated VS. Tracked Time.

On top of that, with ActiveCollab you will be able to involve your clients in the project and keep them updated every step of the way.

Just go to the Project section and invite new or existing client when creating a project

Once you click on “start a new project” and enter the project details including Client's company and client’s email, you are ready to send an invitation. In this way, your clients will be able to access all kinds of data including tasks, discussions, files, notes and the list of activities. Call them when you are starting a new project.

Or when you already created one.

Once you do, you can select which clients you want included on the project.

If the additional stakeholders want in “on the action” the easiest way to invite people is by using “People” section. There you can designate their roles as well.

By having a precise insight into your activities on the project, your clients will be able to see the big picture and become one of the players. This will save you and your clients ample time and let you focus on the real work.

Trust is pivotal to our business success. However, it is also fragile. If you lose it, you will find it hard or even impossible to restore it.

By involving your client into the project, you are showing that you can approach the project with an open and collaborative mind. This will create the sense of trust between you and your client and build a long-lasting and prosperous collaboration on many projects to come. 

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