ActiveCollab Timeline Export

ActiveCollab Timeline Export

To create a masterpiece.
To study it. To fight for it. To keep it safe.
OK, wait. We’re not The Monuments Men. Thankfully. But we do need the exports. And that’s why we created them.

Painting a masterpiece

As with other feature requests, we dig through all the feedback we got from you. But this feature hit really close to home. Reading the feedback was like taking a trip down the memory lane. Almost all of us were in situations where someone wanted us to deliver a timeline report. There were even clearly defined requests:

Understandable. Doable. Done.

Share it with the world

Your timeline can now be exported as a png or pdf file. What will you do with it?
We hope you will send them to all the clients eager to see your plan and progress in a visual form.
We hope they will shine brightly in your presentations.
We hope they won’t get printed as much since we care about trees and forests.
We hope we’ll see them shared on social media!
And we hope you’ll share your feedback and different uses with us.

Visual value of your Real Work

These timeline exports - well, they are masterpieces. They are visual embodiments of your work, your Real Work. They depict your tasks within a project, along with their start and due dates. They give a clear timeline overview. And they are nice to look at. That’s why they are worthy of their name.