The Help Desk Dilemma

The Help Desk Dilemma

ActiveCollab got its first email integration in version 2, back in spring 2007. Ever since, there were forces that worked to move the system toward being a customer support help desk. No wonder.

People who use project collaboration tools usually need a help desk to be able to assist their clients.

Also, all the needed components were already there: great in and out email support, tasks with assignees, comments and public pages, status handling etc.

Yet, we never put these pieces together and communicated that ActiveCollab can now be used as a help desk tool too. It just never felt right to add that on top of a project collaboration core. The product would end up with an identity crisis and that wasn't something we were comfortable with.

Even though we never moved ActiveCollab towards a help desk direction, we did add some “help-desky” features. One such feature is “auto open task on new comments.” Another one is “auto-share task that is imported via email and replies back with a link to the shared page.” These features don't make a lot of sense in a project collaboration setting and the team decided early on not to add them to ActiveCollab Feather. We are comfortable with the decision to leave out these features because we finally have a solution to “the help desk dilemma” that we are happy with.

In May 2015, A51 will launch an all-new help desk product. It's ready for beta testing, so please email us at if you need a simple, yet powerful help desk that works well with ActiveCollab and help us shape it into an awesome product.