We Acquired SupportYard - a Help Desk Software

We Acquired SupportYard - a Help Desk Software

We’re pleased to announce that we acquired SupportYard — a help desk software by Code Control. This is a great strategic move for both teams. We’ll be able to offer a new product that a lot of our clients asked for, and SupportYard will get a much-needed exposure and a built-in customer base. ActiveCollab already has some “help-desky” features, but now we’ll be able to provide exclusive help desk solution that works well with ActiveCollab.

Help desk solutions are plentiful and the SaaS business is very difficult to penetrate. You have lots of overhead costs regarding infrastructure, and the price of customer acquisition can be very high and their lifetime value uncertain.

So this joint venture will definitely make both parties stronger. SupportYard will get counsel from us, have the infrastructure already in place, as well as customers who’re interested in help desk software. ActiveCollab, on the other hand, will be able to provide complementary software that integrates well. That way we can focus on project management features, instead of trying to cover every collaboration base imaginable.

There will be an integration between SupportYard and ActiveCollab Feather, so you’ll have one solution for all your collaboration needs.

Update: SupportYard is no longer actively developed.