Our Feature Roadmap

Our Feature Roadmap

Everything you always wanted to know about the future of ActiveCollab

We’re making our product roadmap public for the first time.

Everyone on our team already knows what we’re working on, what’s next in the pipeline and why — and now we’ve decided to share that with you.

Currently, we’re finishing the Column View and Reply to Email features. We’re planning to do plenty of integrations in the future, but first, we need to implement webhooks. Once webhooks are in place, people can start developing all sorts of apps to automate their workflow, but more on that soon.

Chat and instant messaging is a big part of the collaboration process, so Team Chat feature is high on our priority list. Apps for iPhone and Android are coming along nicely and will let you have a great experience with ActiveCollab whenever you’re on the go.

Here’s a complete list of what we’re working on right now:

The feature roadmap is useful so customers know what to expect in the future. For example, some teams rely heavily on replying to notifications to create comments — and won’t switch to the new version without it. Or a new user likes the product, but can’t use it because the rest of the team is not comfortable with the interface in the English language.

We want to lay our cards on the table so the customer can make an informed decision when choosing their project management software. We also want to give our existing customers a sneak peek at the future of and reassure them that they made a good decision when they bought ActiveCollab.

We’re working really hard and this page serves to show it. There’s a lot more we’d like to implement. Everyone on our team has a suggestion or a favorite feature. Add that to bug reports and customer feedback and we end up with a long list.

But we don’t want to overload ActiveCollab with half thought out features and end up with a robust but overly complex app (like we did with ActiveCollab 4). Product management is about saying no to a thousand things and making conscious trade-offs, and then choosing what will have the greatest impact on everyone’s productivity.

We can’t wait to implement all the things we have currently planned and make the new ActiveCollab the best project management tool out there.