Keeping Track of Time and Money With ActiveCollab

Keeping Track of Time and Money With ActiveCollab

Time! Yes, we know, it flies by.

You turn on the computer, make some coffee, sit down, and start your day. Before you know it, hours have gone by, and you have no idea how long have you been working on a certain task.

Hours, days, and weeks go by. At the end of the month, if someone asks how many hours you’ve put in a project, this may be an accurate image of the expression they get as a response: 

Panic sets in. How do you retrace all that time?

“Tuesday, hmmm, I think I started around 9 am, and then went for lunch for about 45 minutes, finished sometime before 6 pm… All in all, that’s around 8 and a half hours? Then, Wednesday, honestly, I can’t remember, not to talk about Monday!”

And what about managers? Do they know at all times how much time is every team member investing in each project? Maybe one of the projects is eating up 70% of their time, and they’re not even aware.

Money. The emoji says it all: 💸

What if that one project is taking up all that time while it’s not bringing in enough income to cover all the costs? We believe this is what that might feel like:

But we didn’t invite you over to this post to terrify you. Perhaps a little bit. We just wanted to tell you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

2019 has been marked by Workload for us. A planning tool, designed to help you look closely into the future as well as the present.

In 2020, we want to complete the picture for you. Sure, you should know where you’re going, but what about where you’ve been?

The integrated Stopwatch is only the beginning of this story. All those hours you’ve tracked on your tasks should be neatly summed up somewhere too, right? And not only your own, but those of your entire team.

Finally, we thought you might need an overview of your project’s health. Costs and incomes become difficult to track in time. You should know where your time and money go!

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2020 is just around the corner!

So, don’t let yourself be terrified anymore. We’re cooking up some improvements and new features that will give you an insight over your time and finances.

Coming up is a neat timesheet of all those hours you and your team tracked with our Stopwatch. Also, the ActiveCollab Reports, which you may already be using, will get a nice retouch. Last but not least is a profitability overview of your projects, designed to help you react in time if the cost vs. income ratio gets out of hand.

Get informed and keep an eye on our exciting upcoming features! 

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