Improved Attachment Navigation

Improved Attachment Navigation

An intuitive, user-friendly interface is one of the cornerstones of every good app. It is a direct link between the design intent of its creator(s) and the users themselves, and, as such, it has to be clear and understandable.

Many of our users have to deal with a large number of attachments in ActiveCollab on a daily basis. In order to do that, they previously had to click on the first attached file, close it, open the other one, close it again, and so on. It interrupted the natural flow users were expecting and resulted in time wasting and repetition. Another problem that arose was that users could get disoriented and confused and forget which file they wanted to interact with - which ones they already went through, and which ones are next.

Because of this, we decided to redesign this formerly cumbersome process. So without further ado - we’re proud to introduce the Improved Attachment Navigation. Now you no longer have to click several times to get to the files you want - you can navigate through them by using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking the left and right icons with your mouse. They are sorted according to the time they were added, so the newest file will always be first.

This may be just a small addition to ActiveCollab, but to many of our users, especially the ones who have to sort through dozens of file attachments every day, it is a welcome quality of life improvement. One that will save them valuable time in the long run.

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