Additional Recurring Task Intervals

Additional Recurring Task Intervals

Stroopwaffles are way more fun than reports and taxes.
That doesn’t mean your body weight should rise along with that list of overdue reports.

Have you picked the date yet?

We have this colleague who loves to travel and she always brings us extraordinary sweets. Last time it was a box of Scottish shortbread cookies. This time it was a bag of mini stroopwafels. Even though she comes to our offices once in a blue moon, we always remember to ask for some sugary delights. We remember.

Things aren’t the same in the project management world. Here, we prefer being reminded. Even better, we prefer automation. There are tasks that occur regularly, we know the exact date and what it takes to complete them. But we can’t think of those tasks every day or contemplate over a pile of post-it reminder notes. That’s when automation gets all the spotlight.

Recurring intervals

After going through all the feedback we got from you (yes, we actually read every single one!), this is the final choice for recurring intervals. Hell of a way to shrug off even more busywork!

Tax reports happen quarterly? Your client wants a report every other (even or odd) week? Your Office Manager has to check supplies weekly? No brainer. Pick the recurrence interval and focus on your Real Work.

Task automation is your friend

Creating same or similar tasks manually over and over again is busy work. Trying to remember their start and due dates, people involved, items needed... is also busy work. And it’s OK to be busy, to make Real Work happen. It’s not OK to spend most of the time doing busy work. That’s when task automation enters the scene. More time for Real Work, more time for ourselves.

Disclaimer: Use it at your own risk. We know creating a recurring task for our colleague would open a whole new world of sweet drops of heaven to us. But we also know what sugar overdose is.