ActiveCollab Workload

ActiveCollab Workload

ActiveCollab proudly presents (drumroll) Workload!

A whole new feature designed to help you make the most out of your and your team’s time.

When managing a few or dozens of people, knowing exactly what everyone’s doing each day and how much of their time are their activities occupying out of the daily working hours is no walk in the park.

Solving this problem may involve daily meetings, whiteboards or spreadsheets. However, these methods trigger a whole new set of problems.

How will you rearrange tasks if someone suddenly gets sick?

Or add another chore to someone who might already have a lot to do?

Whiteboards are not that flexible, meetings take a lot of time, and the number of spreadsheets seems to be multiplying.

A bird's-eye view of all your projects

That’s why our teams here at ActiveCollab have been working hard on creating the perfect tool for resource management, Workload. It all started with the need our customers had for a clear overview of their projects. Having a visual outlook on what’s happening is something we understand and relate to, as we ourselves often use sticky notes for planning, moving them around on a surface until we’re happy with the result.

In project management, sticky notes just won’t do, obviously. That’s where Workload takes the wheel. A bird’s-eye view of everything your teams are doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is a manager’s dream, which is now finally coming true.

Focusing on the future

You may notice the Workload timeline starts with the first working day of the current week. You may ask why you’re not able to see past activities. The reason behind it is we envisioned Workload as a planning rather than a reporting tool. What’s in the past stays in the past, letting us focus on future activities.

Make every hour count!

The timeline will show you as many people as you choose, and all their tasks on all projects. Now you’ll be able to know exactly how much time does each team member have at disposal, or if they need to work overtime.

Optimizing the workload allocation is the main goal of this feature. With that in mind, we’ve made it possible for you to stretch out or shorten the length of the tasks, and to drag-and-drop them within a team member’s timeline, or to reassign them to someone who doesn’t have a lot on their plate.

This way, you’ll avoid the dreaded scenario in which one person is burning out, while others are staring at the wall.

Where’s everyone at?!

With an overview of everyone’s daily capacities, it’s easy to distribute assignments equally. There may be some people at the office who work part-time, while others stay longer. It’s possible to set up each person’s availability. You won’t have to keep in mind if Ashley is working 6 or 8 hours, or wonder why Trevor is leaving the office at 1 PM every day. It’s all there, right next to their name.

Weekends and holidays are also taken into account, as they’ll be skipped when scheduling tasks. You’ll also be notified when a team member has taken days off. No need to keep reminding yourself when someone’s not there, and if they’ll have time to complete all their assignments.

ActiveCollab Workload lets you deliver a workload schedule that fits each team member's strengths and availability, and make every hour count.

Happy workloading!

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