ActiveCollab 5.0.100: The Stable Release

ActiveCollab 5.0.100: The Stable Release

We’re happy to announce ActiveCollab 5.0.97 is the release candidate and it's just a step away from the stable release.

Everything has been tested and fixed so we're ready to finish beta testing and start recommending the new ActiveCollab to everyone.

It's been quite a journey. We started working on the new ActiveCollab in the summer of 2014, assured it’ll be ready before spring. It's October now, but the important thing is we love how the ActiveCollab turned out: all the time and the work was worth it.

We laid ironclad foundations: the new ActiveCollab is easy to use, nice to look at, stable, fast, powerful, and has everything you'd expect from a modern project management software - with much more to come.

Incoming mail (which lets you send email to projects and reply to notifications by email) and auto-upgrade (currently only possible via the command line) are still not finished, but we plan on introducing them soon. The important thing is everything works and there are no show-stopping bugs.

What this means for you, the user?

It means you can go ahead and switch to the new version. If you’ve been waiting for the stable release, now's a good time to upgrade. You can either download the new ActiveCollab and install it yourself; or if you have installation credit, let us upgrade it for you.

If you still haven't tried the new version, do take it for a spin before upgrading. It's not just a redesigned and slightly improved version of the previous ActiveCollab — it’s completely different. That’s why we made sure the new ActiveCollab doesn't overwrite your previous version or data. It's installed separately and, once your data is migrated, ActiveCollab 5 will function independently.

So go ahead and first create a free trial on our cloud, play around a little bit, and then upgrade. For more information about the upgrade, go through our upgrade guide so you know what to expect.