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Today we are releasing Active Collab 5.0.78 to our self-hosted customers. This release is important because it no longer depends on Heartbeat. Instead, it uses a job queue similar to the one that Heartbeat implemented, only now that queue is part of Active Collab itself.

We are making the switch for three reasons:

  1. After a month of beta testing with real users, it proved really hard to make a reliable connection between Heartbeat and Active Collab instances that were running on all sorts of networks and PHP setups. This caused a lot of problems for beta testers.
  2. Troubles caused by connection instability between Active Collab and Heartbeat lead to a really bad user experience. Not only it didn’t work, but you couldn’t do much about it. So the new job queue puts control back in your hands.
  3. We know job queue works well. Active Collab 3 and 4 used one for outgoing mail for years.

The new jobs currently cover:

  1. Outgoing email - you specify an SMTP server connection parameters in the System Settings, and Active Collab will then use that server to send out the mail.
  2. Search indexing - search is powered by ElasticSearch, so you will need it (plus the Attachments Mapper) if you want to use the search.
  3. Morning mail - is prepared and sent at 7AM by an hourly Cron Job,
  4. Various maintenance tasks - are performed at 4AM by an hourly Cron Job.

Features that the jobs currently don’t cover, but they will in the future, are: auto-upgrade and inbound mail (so Active Collab can create new tasks and comments from messages that you send to it). We wanted to get the new beta out of the door as soon as possible, so we had to leave those features for the next sprint.


If you’re new to Active Collab 5, we encourage you to try it. Installation instructions can be found here, and you can see how to migrate your Active Collab 4 data in this article.

If you already have Active Collab 5.0.49 installed (previous v5 beta build), instructions are a bit different:

  1. Go to and click on Licenses option. There you can download Active Collab 5.0.78.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive.
  3. Upload /activecollab/5.0.78 from the package to /activecollab/5.0.78 folder of your current Active Collab 5 installation. Don’t delete /activecollab/5.0.49 from your server just yet, we still need it.
  4. Empty /tasks folder on your server and upload all the new files from /tasks folder of the Active Collab 5.0.78 installation package. We’ll need all of these files, incuding activecollab-cli.php, as well as all three cron jobs that are in /tasks/cron_jobs folder.
  5. Overwrite /activecollab/5.0.49/angie/src/Angie/Command/UpgradeCommand.php file with the same file from the new package,
  6. Using your terminal, cd to /tasks folder on your server and run: php activecollab-cli.php upgrade. This command will run all the required database migrations and upgrade your /config/version.php file.
  7. Delete everything inside /compile and /cache folders (delete everything except .htaccess file if you have it).
  8. Log in and go to System Settings and under Technical Settings configure outgoing mail, search, and Cron jobs.

That’s it. If you notice any problems or need our help, do get in touch.

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