In Pursuit of Real Work

In Pursuit of Real Work

A typical start to the day - you arrive at the office at 8:50. Say hi to your team, brew some piping hot wake-me-up-juice (or coffee, as it’s sometimes called), and sit in front of your workstation to catch up on all the emails that have materialized in your inbox since yesterday.

One email causes some confusion - the client wants something that you know is not a part of the project, so you spend the next half hour trying to reach everyone involved to double-check. Which is no easy task, since this information is scattered in half a dozen different email chains.

Where’s That #*&! Email!

Resolving this, you begin working on your own projects. The progress is slow but steady, and you can see the entire thing gradually taking form. No interruptions, just you and what you love doing. It’s the best part of the day. Sadly, that productive flow is interrupted by a meeting. Several hours pass.

But Meetings Are Not The Enemy

Meetings are necessary, you’re aware of this. What isn’t necessary is them not resulting in any takeaway or actionable plans - as is often the case.

On your way out of the conference room, the Project Manager runs up shouting: “The deadline is tomorrow!”

"What do you mean ‘tomorrow’?"


Up until a minute ago, you were certain you still had at least a couple more days. How did it creep up on you like this?

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The Flow Is Gone

Once you’re back at your computer, the spark of creativity you experienced before has dimmed. Now it’s like a flickering lightbulb that’s about to go out at any minute.

You’re still productive, but it’s just not as enjoyable.

You’re out of sync.

Something is missing.

You love your job, but all these roadblocks are frustrating, and you often think about how it would be awesome if there were a way you could just focus on what you do best - your work. Your Real Work.

Enter: Real Work

It’s the reason why we wake up to go to work every morning. It’s what we think about when someone asks us to explain what we do for a living. We tell them about the parts that drive us, the ones that bring us joy, pride, which challenge us.

Work that matters should take up most of our time, but we can’t dedicate to it as much as we want to.

Or can we?

Yes, we can!

We all know (and hate) busywork and what it represents - a waste of time, spent on repetitive, boring, soul-crushing tasks that in no way challenge or motivate us. According to HBR’s survey - 65% of senior managers feel that meetings keep them from completing their own work, while another claims that workers waste hundreds of hours every year in unproductive meetings.

Such work is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and a lot of it can be automated and better planned out in advance.

No To Busywork, Yes To Real Work

Emails, meetings, deadlines - these are not the problem. The problems arise from not having a proper work methodology in place.

It’s All About the Process

Scattered communication isn’t an issue when you have a centralized hub where you can archive everything important and quickly find it.

Spending hours hunting for previous file versions, emails, and other important information can be a huge setback. Therefore, it’s paramount to have all tasks, deadlines, timelines, communication, and files in one place.

You shouldn’t walk away from meetings without a clear set of goals and expectations, and without knowing exactly what you have to do and in what order.

After all, everything that needs to be done requires a task, not just a “Sure, I’ll do it later this week.” promise that may not get fulfilled.

Deadlines shouldn’t be able to sneak up on you - not if you have a planned out system that alerts you on time, and progress you can track.

When you’re in control, there are no surprises.

With the right tool, you can have all your work in one place, and no longer worry about obstacles coming between you and your Real Work.

The Proper Way - The ActiveCollab Way

Our mission is to share our way of working with the world. We’ve spent years figuring out how to solve all the problems described above. A lot of time, talent, and effort was invested into creating an app that helps you focus on the aspects of your work you enjoy the most. The inspiring, fun parts. The parts that remind us why we’re in this business to begin with.

So cast off the shackles of busywork and embrace all the capabilities that ActiveCollab has to offer. The freedom that only Real Work brings.