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Track the status of your invoices: unsent, sent, partially paid, or paid.

Set up recurring invoices for clients you have on a retainer and send them automatically each week or month.

Set up a payment gateway for your clients so you can receive payments instantly after issuing invoices.

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"it’s vital to us that we use a task management system that helps us standardize, organize, track, and measure, without putting restrictions on the artistic flair that makes us who we are. "
Gem Muzones
Content Marketing Manager @ Spiralytics

Track billable hours across all tasks and projects, or manually add your time records.

Order tasks into lists, granulate them with subtasks, and organize your flow with task dependencies.

Create invoices from Quickbooks or Xero with the time records you created in ActiveCollab.

Get paid for your work

Make Real Work Happen

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